360° Business consulting, whatever the area, we can help you find the Right.Solutions. More than 25 years of business experience at your disposal.

You have a business idea

Now you want to do something with it. Create it, business plan it, launch it.


You did something with your idea, now what about all the reality of running a business.

Need a process

From thought to application, a business process and all it’s complexities.


Now you want, need to integrate the process into computer system, not always an easy task.

Need to control, validate

Got everything up and running, is it actually running smoothly?

Need to enhance

What now, you experience a problem or just need to expand, let’s work on it together.


You need to train people, your staff, customers, give us a subject and we will organise knowledge transfert. 

Our areas of expertise

Strategy, startup, investment, planning, management, marketing, sales, research and development, production, manufacturing, IS/IT, telecommunications, accounting, finance, legal, procedure, human ressources.

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